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Sunday, May 3, 2020

Love of Food Magazine: Featured me for no-bake desserts

I am happy, no ecstatic to announce that not only have I been featured in the May issue of Love of Food Magazine, but, I have been featured on the first page!

Yes, little me...Deanna, owner of the Fiery Whisk bakery and food blog!

It's funny how we make connections in certain places that lead us to great things. I met the owner of the magazine, Jan Delory, in a group on Facebook. That connection has grown and here we are, with a feature containing my recipes.

Ever get that feeling in your gut that you don't want to do something or go somewhere? It happens to me a lot. I have learned that when I get that feeling, there is typically a reason I should do it anyway. I'm not sure how that applies to this article, but, maybe someone needed to hear it today :)

Please take a look at my article as well as the rest of the May issue of this fantastic food magazine:
No Bake Dessert Recipes

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