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Friday, May 1, 2020

Funny baking stories: Featured on Midlife Margaritas

Several years ago, when my daughter was 3, I wrote 2 blog posts about a Father's Day baking experience that almost sent me over the deep end. 

My friend for more than 15 years, Missy Farrow, was looking for funny blog posts to feature on her blog and I submitted mine. Shockingly, she loved them!

So, here I am, featured on her blog and I'm thankful and excited at the same time!

Missy is hilarious, so the fact that she thought my posts were funny enough to share,  means the world to me.

Thank you Margarita Missy!

Click here to read my feature and be sure to read all of her stuff while you're there: Dessert Served With a Side of Humor 

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