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Monday, July 26, 2021

Vintage recipes and Gifts in a Jar


Is anyone else in love with vintage recipe and giving food as gifts (gifts in a jar)? Hopefully, I am not alone in this boat!

I have recently written 2 in depth articles about vintage recipes that if you include the recipe meme, contains 4 vintage recipes for you to try at home. 

Vintage recipe article

I am a huge fan of making and giving food related gifts. Gifts in a jar are my favorites!  You layer the dry ingredients into a jar, add the recipe, some pretty fabric, and a bow and call it a day. I went into detail and added recipes in my newly published article: Gifts in a Jar

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Christmas in July: Two Girls and an Oven


Christmas in July is here and so is my new book, Two Girls and an Oven.

This sweet, easy reading, novella takes place in a bakery during the Holidays. At the end, you will find cookie recipes from the book. Take a look into the life of Nat...

Please allow me to introduce myself. I am Nat, a single mother of one, baker, and business owner. Life has been crazy but worth every second of craziness. Let me try to explain.

It has been me and my beautiful daughter, Summer, for many years, which is why I chose the name, Two Girls And An Oven for my beloved bakery.

Business has been slow, and bills are piling up. My hope was that with Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up, I would have a line of customers pounding down the doors.

Then, it happened. Cookies. Yes, cookies happened. You've got to be curious as to how twelve weeks of cookies saved my life, right? Prepare yourself for the story of a lifetime!

Tip: If you ever see a plate of cookies sitting outside your door, take them and run!

You can order your paperback or Kindle version today! Click here or on either photo in this post. 


Thursday, July 15, 2021

So Delicious coupons and product review



After I decided to switch to a plant-based diet, the fun began. I now, had to find food items that I could eat. My husband actually found the So Delicious cashew milk ice cream. I was skeptical at first because I had tried several nut milk ice creams in the past. 

But, I never give up! The chocolate variety has quickly become my go-to fave, but they are all delicious. I reached out to the company and asked if they would be willing to send me coupons and they were happy to oblige. 

They have other items besides their ice cream, but if I am being honest, my intent is to use the coupons for that. :)

Please give their products a chance  So Delicious website and let me know what you think!

Red Star Platinum yeast review 

Zyliss kitchen product review

Tovolo product review 

Sunday, July 11, 2021

Time and money saving tips


We can all stand to learn how to save more time and money. From someone living the single life to the single parent, we are all open to time and money saving suggestions, right? 

I would like to share tips and tricks and recipes you can make from scratch rather than buy from the grocery store. By making these items yourself you will save money and your health...less chemicals and preservatives. Yes! We can all use less of those!

Let me share:

Money saving kitchen tips: This post contains tips and recipes for Magic Shell, Bisquick, and air freshener! 

Sweetened condensed milk recipe: This post also includes the difference between sweetened condensed milk and evaporated milk...a fact filled article! 

Time saving tips for the busy parent: This article contains tips to help us all!

Coupons! This article reveals how you can obtain coupons for your favorite, healthy products!

Can you tell I am very excited about the information I have shared within this post? Look at all the exclamation points! (And there's yet another one.)

Monday, July 5, 2021

Cheesecake tips and recipe


I am a new writer for Vocal and have been creating some fantastic content pertaining to cheesecakes! 

I would love for you to click on the articles and take a peek...maybe pick up a tip or two.

How to bake a cheesecake, cheesecake tips and tricks

Cheesecake baking solutions, includes pan alternatives

Cheesecake emergencies, how to fix or patch your cheesecake 

White chocolate cheesecake recipe 


If you are looking for more cheesecake recipes and tips, you can pick up a copy of my book, The Ultimate Guide To Cheesecakes...which includes my Taste Of Home, award winning, Mascarpone cheesecake recipe!  

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Making memories with an ice cream float


I was flipping through a magazine the other day and saw an article on a Root Beer float. That brought me back to when I was a child and I remembered that my mom used to enjoy Root Beer floats.

I decided to make an ice cream float for my daughter after I realized she has never tried one. Typically, we do not keep soda in the house, but I remembered I had some Ginger Ale in the fridge that I asked my husband to pick up for an upset stomach I had a few days ago. Score!  

We had some waffle cone ice cream in the freezer, which I thought would pair perfectly with the Ginger Ale. So, off we went to make a special treat.

First, we poured our soda into a tall glass. Then, we added two scoops of ice cream and finished it off with a red straw.  


As you can see by the picture she was a happy girl!

On a side note, we should all have a great ice cream scoop in our kitchen. I have two perfect options for you here:

Tupperware (with Kathy) 

Pampered Chef (with Laura) 

You can pair all types of soda and ice cream flavors together to come up with the perfect combination for you. 

Ready to read more about ice cream floats and try out some new recipes? Check out my article on The Love Of Food magazine!

Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Organic Girl coupons and product review


I am so pleased with Organic Girl products and customer service! We purchase their fresh spinach or spring mix every week. Unlike other organic greens, theirs come already washed and ready to eat!

I emailed the company telling them how much we enjoy their products and they were so kind to send coupons. They responded the same day I reached out and were genuinely HAPPY to send me the coupons. 

As I was poking around their site, I see that they also offer organic salad dressings and I have to say, they look delicious! 

Thank you, thank you, thank you for treating me like the most important customer on the earth. Please visit their site Organic Girl and let me know what you think!

Healthy food coupons: Have you seen them?