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Sunday, November 11, 2018

Product review: Zyliss chopper and frying pan

I have tried so many hand choppers over the years and I have either returned them or given them away. To date, I have not been happy with any of the choppers I have tried.

I received a Zyliss food processor and was so pleased with the ease of use and quality of the chopper, that I am writing this post to share my experience with you.

Just take a look:

My husband was just as excited as me to try out the you can see by his hands in the pictures!
Just a few pulls of the chord and he chopped an onion...1, 2, 3 and it was all chopped. We highly recommend this product: Zyliss Easy Pull Manual Food Chopper

We have tried for years to find a healthy pan that our food will not stick to. So many frying pans on the market contain harmful metals and coating that get into the food.

FINALLY, a non stick pan that isn't harmful to our health. We enjoyed this Zyliss 8 inch fry pan is ideal for eggs and crepes! We enjoyed this pan so much that we went online and ordered a larger version and the 10 inch grill pan.

Take a look:

Again, the hubs did the cooking and I took the pictures. As you can see, he added his chopped onions along with chopped tomatoes from the Zyliss food chopper on top of his eggs.

The pan cleaned extremely easily. A quick rinse and everything came off. AND there is no need for oil or butter when cooking... unless you want to add it. We are hooked on Zyliss products!

You will find links throughout the article to the products that were featured.

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