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Friday, May 8, 2020

Rhodes Cookbook Review: Home Baked Family Favorites with frozen dough

Let me begin this cookbook review by saying that I have more cookbooks than any one person needs to own. I'm a collector, you could say.

Recipes make me happy. Baking recipes take that feeling of happiness to a new level. 

Rhodes sent me a package of goodies in the mail. Included in the package was one of the most amazing,  spectacular, delicious, cookbooks I have ever set my eyes upon.

As I browsed the recipes, I thought to myself,  "These recipes are getting better and better the further along I'm getting." 

Who knew you could do so much with frozen bread dough? 
Take for example these recipes:
Cream Cheese Danish
Cheesy Italian Bread
Lemon Pull-Aparts
Coconut Bread Pudding 
Banana Nut Bread Pudding 
These were a few of my favorites included in the book.

Imagine... 174 recipes, all accompanied by pictures.  

The cookbook includes savory and sweet recipes and comes highly recommended by yours truly.

For amazing recipes by Rhodes:

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