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Sunday, June 2, 2019

Capri Flavors Italian Market: Shop online or at the new location in Cary, NC

This Saturday I visited Capri Flavors at their new Cary location. The store was easy to find and only required a couple of turns. I live about 35 minutes from the store, and it is worth my travels!

Capri flavors (click here to go to the website) is located at: 867 Bass Pro Lane In Cary NC. The store is clean, organized, well stocked and quaint. I found the garlic paste and sun-dried tomato paste I was looking for as well as the Taralli. Who am I kidding, I went for the Tatalli's! In NJ, I could find these at any grocery store. Here in NC, not so much. I am forever in debt to Capri Flavors for their large supply.

Never heard of a Taralli before? You can order them from Capri Flavors online store! Click here to take a look.

Enjoy the pictures of the outside and inside of the store...if you are too far for a visit, you can visit online.

If you are looking for Italian recipes, they have those on their website too! Recipes

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  1. Very nice of you , thank you so much for your beautiful description of our store. Hope to meet you soon. Best regards

    1. You are absolutely welcome! Next time I stop, I will introduce myself :)