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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Product Review: Rodelle baking products: Pumpkin pop-tart recipe

I have been gifted quality products from a company by the name of Rodelle, They have truly spoiled me! I received premium quality vanilla extract, almond extract and vanilla beans.

To visit Rodelle and purchase these premium products: Click Here

When you open a bottle of vanilla extract that was purchased at the grocery store, and smell it, you smell a strong aroma of alcohol with a slight whisp of vanilla. When I opened my bottle of Rodelle vanilla extract, and smelled it, I smelled the rich aroma of vanilla. This made me realize that Rodelle products are made with quality ingredients. When it comes down to it, quality ingredients make for better baking. I would rather taste vanilla than alcohol in my vanilla extract and baked goods.

The Rodelle website provides RECIPES, ONLINE SHOPPING , their BLOG and more!

My opinion about Rodelle baking products is that these are truly premium and quality products. I do recommend them and intend to use them regularly in my baking, both for my business and personal use.

Read about Rodelle's story HERE.

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