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Sunday, June 9, 2019

Bite Club: Extract review

I recently tried three of Bite Club's extract flavors. First of all, when I opened up the bottle, the first thing I smelled was the flavor, not the alcohol as with most other extracts you can buy.

I tried the cinnamon, chocolate and vanilla bourbon flavors. The bottles come with a dropper for precise distribution and in my humble opinion, this is a brilliant idea! You can drop the extract directly into your recipe or into a measuring spoon with absolutely no spillage. Genius.

The bottles are VERY reasonably priced, starting at $6 each. Simple, Pure, Powerful is their tag line and nothing could have been a more accurate description of their products!

In addition to extracts, they make and sell jerky! They even offer a vegan jerky, which I think is another brilliant idea on their part.

Want to treat mans best friend? Bite Club has you and your pal covered. Check out Bite Club pet treats... treats for pup or kitty.

I chose to drop my extracts into my morning coffee. Those who know me for 5 minutes know how much I adore my coffee. After opening the extract bottles and smelling the flavor and not the alcohol, I decided this would be the ideal test of flavors. I am happy with my choice! Each one added a hint of flavor to my morning brew. I may have started something new. I never thought to try this with other extracts because of the harsh alcohol odor upon opening.

Next, I will use in my baked goods and icings. Since they passed the coffee test with flying flavors (like how I did that right there?), my baked goods are next on the list!

You can find Bite Club here:

You will always find them at: Biteclubnoms on Social Media

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