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Friday, June 4, 2021

Healthy food coupons...have you seen them?



I have several important question to ask you... Are you a couponer? Do you clip coupons from the Sunday paper or maybe print them from online? 

Years ago, I was a huge couponer. As time went on, I have remained frugal with my grocery choices, but stopped clipping coupons. I recently started again and quickly realized that there are little to no coupons for healthy, organic foods. 

My diet has changed for the good over the last 10 years and I am now plant-based and choose to purchase organic food options. 

In an effort to save money on food, because the prices have gone up over the last year and a half, I ordered the Sunday paper and started clipping coupons again. I have found coupons for kitchen and bathroom items, but nothing for produce or other healthy food options.

I decided to reach out to the companies that we purchase from weekly. I emailed or submitted a comment on their online form. I explained how we love their products and asked if they would be willing to send us coupons. 

I am happy to share that they were happy to do it! The next series of blog posts will be about the companies who were happy to send us coupons to help us continue to eat healthy and save money. 

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