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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Holiday preparation: Preparing your kitchen for the Holidays

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Holidays + Celebrations = Baking

Right? Who else goes nuts with the baking once fall arrives and the Holidays are approaching? I can't be the only one guilty of over-baking...

I have a short list of tips to get your kitchen ready for the Holidays. Let's get started...

1. Clear the clutter

Go through pots and pans, get rid of triple items. Post them on the Facebook market place to make a few bucks or give them away to someone in need.

Do the same with that crazy utensil / kitchen gadget drawer.

Remove any large appliances from the countertops that you are not using regularly. Find a home for them in a cabinet or closet.

2. Purge the pantry

Go through the pantry shelf by shelf and throw away anything that is expired.

Organize by keeping like products together. (Ex: flours and sugars (together), baking chocolates and candies (together).

Make a list of the items you toss, you will need to replace them with fresh items the next time you do your grocery shopping.

3. Clean the fridge & freeze

Go through the freezer and throw away anything that has been in there for 6 plus months... you're not going to use it at this point.

Go through fridge and toss any old leftovers. Check cheeses and butters to be sure they are not expired.

Clean any dirty bottles or containers that have drips or are sticky.

Combine double containers of condiments such as ketchup. Keep the full one and toss the empty.

A quick list of baking products to have on hand:

Brown sugar
Powdered sugar
Canned fruits
Spices: cinnamon, pumpkin pie spice, vanilla
Canned milks: evaporated and sweetened condensed
Instant pudding
Chocolate chips, flavored chips, candies
Cream cheese
Heavy cream
Lemon juice


Apple sauce

Holiday recipes:

Customize sprinkle cookies for any Holiday

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