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Friday, March 11, 2022

How Home Bakers (Cottage Bakers) or Bakeries can find new customers

How to find clients

Let's take a look at how home business bakers or bakery owners can find clients. There are several easy ways to go about this.

Look for baking-related podcasts and reach out about doing a guest episode. To narrow it down even further, look for local podcasts of any genre and reach out about being a guest on an episode.

Look on MeetUp for local business groups. Go and network your business. Also, look into joining the local Chamber of Commerce. They will also host networking events for local business owners.

Network on Social Media
Be sure to share to social media daily and use proper hashtags relating to what you do and the city you serve. Create useful and relevant content.

Reach out to local bloggers and see if they will do a guest post about your business.

Ask your customers to refer your business to others. Offer an incentive.

Send out a monthly newsletter to your customers and ask them to forward it to others who would be interested in your business.

Partner with Local Businesses
Ask them if you can leave business cards in their shops and offer to hand theirs out to your customers.

Contact Information:
Be sure you have your contact information easily visible on your website and social channels.

Facebook Ads
Run a Facebook ad and target people in your city. For example, you can run a $10 ad and reach a decent amount of people.

Marketing tips:
Be sure your products look appealing
Keep your pricing in the range for your city
Promote your work regularly
Market to your location
Create an amazing customer experience 


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