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Wednesday, September 29, 2021

New Taste of Home magazine review: October/November issue


I am a fan of Taste of Home on many levels. I won a taste of Italy contest with them years ago and had my recipe featured not only in the magazine, but in 3 of their "Best Of" cookbooks! 

You can read about my mascarpone cheesecake recipe here. 

Back to the issue at hand...see what I did there? The new October/November issue of Taste of Home has 3 recipes in the first several pages alone that I will be trying.  It is rare that I find 3 recipes at the beginning of a magazine that catch my eye.

What 3 recipes? Oh, let me tell you: piecaken, baked feta pasta, and harvest pumpkin butter. I haven't gotten much further in the magazine, but wanted to share my finds with you!

 If it is this good at the beginning, I can only imagine what the rest of the magazine has in store. 

I recommend running out to buy yourself a copy!

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