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Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Christmas in July: Two Girls and an Oven


Christmas in July is here and so is my new book, Two Girls and an Oven.

This sweet, easy reading, novella takes place in a bakery during the Holidays. At the end, you will find cookie recipes from the book. Take a look into the life of Nat...

Please allow me to introduce myself. I am Nat, a single mother of one, baker, and business owner. Life has been crazy but worth every second of craziness. Let me try to explain.

It has been me and my beautiful daughter, Summer, for many years, which is why I chose the name, Two Girls And An Oven for my beloved bakery.

Business has been slow, and bills are piling up. My hope was that with Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up, I would have a line of customers pounding down the doors.

Then, it happened. Cookies. Yes, cookies happened. You've got to be curious as to how twelve weeks of cookies saved my life, right? Prepare yourself for the story of a lifetime!

Tip: If you ever see a plate of cookies sitting outside your door, take them and run!

You can order your paperback or Kindle version today! Click here or on either photo in this post. 


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