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Sunday, February 26, 2017

7 Tips And Tricks To Make Enjoying Coffee Easier And Tastier

For all of the coffee lovers out there, here are 7 tips and tricks to make enjoying your beverage just a little bit easier and tastier!

  1. Store your coffee (beans or ground) in the freezer. This will keep it fresh for a longer period of time.
  2. Be sure your beans and/or ground coffee is wrapped properly when stored in the freezer. They can easily take on the flavor of the other foods being stored in there.
  3. If using a Keurig to prepare a cup of coffee, add your liquid creamer to your mug prior to brewing. Doing it this way keeps you from needed a spoon for stirring! Just pour, brew and drink.
  4. If you want to make milk foam for your cup of coffee, take warm milk and pour it into the blender. Blend for a few seconds until light and foamy…just like the coffee shop!
  5. Use filtered or bottled water to make your coffee. This will make your coffee taste better than if you use tap water.
  6. Want to grind your own beans, but do not want to invest in expensive equipment to do it? Use a small spice grinder! You can buy a black and Decker spice grinder for less than $15!
  7. For iced coffee, brew your coffee using 2 times the amount of coffee you normally would. By pouring it over ice, the ice will dilute the coffee.

Added Tip:

Brew your own coffee at home

Pour into your favorite travel coffee mug (If you do not have one, buy one that you really like. This will make it seem as though you just stopped at your favorite coffee spot for the coffee you are drinking.)

Add one or more of the following:

  1. A flavored powder coffee creamer
  2. A Maxwell House International Cafe instant coffee, flavor of your choice
  3. A Maxwell House International Delight mini, flavor of your choice

If you add a little bit of each three, and purchase 2 different flavors of each, your morning options can be extensive. You can easily have a different coffee flavor each weekday morning for your drive to work or to drink before the kids get up for school.

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