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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Double chocolate brownie trifle

This is such a decadent dessert! If you layer your ingredients in a glass bowl, it looks very pretty. A little bit of this treat goes a long way! It always tastes better the day after it is made. So, if you can refrigerate overnight that would be best!

Brownie Trifle

  • 1 package of brownie mix
    1 box of instant chocolate pudding, plus milk
    1 tub of cool whip (8 ounce tub)
    1 package of toffee bits*

Prepare brownies as directed on package.
Prepare pudding as directed on box.
Layer your ingredients, starting with the brownies.
Crumble ½ of your brownies up into little pieces on the bottom of a glass or crystal bowl (this is your 1st layer).
Next, place ½ of your chocolate pudding on top of the brownies.
Next, place ½ of the cool whip tub on top of the pudding.
Next, place ½ of the toffee package on top of the cool whip.
Repeat each layer one more time.
You will finish with the toffee pieces on top.
Refrigerate for at least 4 hours, overnight is best!


* You can also use crushed up chocolate cream filled cookies!
* I often will use evaporated milk in my pudding. It gives a richness that regular milk does not. 
* Harris Teeter boxed brownies are the absolute best boxed brownie!
* Set aside 2 small brownie pieces and crumble on the top.

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