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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Coffee...Cuban coffee

Each and every one of my days begin with coffee! I had a Keurig. It broke. I got another one. It broke. I am through with Keurig. 

Thankfully, I had a backup coffee maker. I asked for one last Christmas that has a stainless steal carafe as the coffee pot. This thing is great! It keeps my coffee warm throughout the day...which, by the way, encourages me to drink more than my 1 cup of coffee per day. *sigh*

However, when my day starts out being *not so lovely*, nothing helps fix it more than a cup of Cuban coffee. Ahhhhh...Cuban coffee.

The funny thing about Cuban coffee is that it is made in an Italian coffee pot, with Italian coffee (espresso). And in my case, made by an Italian! And what is even more comical is that I was taught to make it by my Italian mother in law...who happens to be married to a Cuban!

You make it on the stove top in one of these....

Then, you use some of this...

You pour it into one of these teeny mugs...

Now enjoy!

Printable Cuban coffee recipe:

My Cuban Coffee Recipe:

  • Espresso coffee pot
  • Espresso
  • 4 Tablespoons sugar 

Fill up the coffee filter in the pot with ground espresso.
Perk on stove top over high heat.
While coffee is heating, add sugar into a glass Pyrex measuring cup (use a 2 or 4 cup Pyrex).
As soon as coffee starts to brew in the pot, pour about 2 teaspoons of hot coffee into the sugar.
Whip coffee and sugar together with a spoon until it is light in color.
When coffee is done perking, pour it over the sugar mixture.
Pour into little cups and enjoy!

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