Sunday, May 21, 2017

The Fiery Whisk Bakery

Well, well, well...would you like me to fill you in on a couple of life changing events? Sure you would!

The Fiery Whisk Bakery. Yep, it's mine. I am starting a new at home bakery and having my kitchen FDA approved. By doing this, I can sell from home, to stores or at events such as Farmers Markets or Fairs. I will be baking most of the same items I baked with Tastenc. As always, I will add new items as I perfect new recipes.

I have also applied to a local college! You read that correctly...My plan is to start as a part-time student working towards my Associate Degree in Baking and Pastry Arts (BPA). I am so excited about this!!!
The only was this is possible is because I have a supportive and loving husband who wants to see me be happy and succeed. He encourages me to open my own bakery every time I pull something out of the oven. I am a fortunate and thankful lady!

I have applied for a name change on my business page on Facebook (Tastenc) and am waiting for approval. They denied it because I have changed it once already so, I appealed it and attached a copy of my legal paperwork for their review. It's a simple name change, Facebook! The old name is no longer legal! So, if you check it out, it still reads "Tastenc" but, the new art is there as is @thefierywhiskbakery.

The Fiery Whisk Bakery on Facebook Please visit and "like".

Thank you for your interest and support. I will post again when I am starting to take orders!

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