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Monday, June 24, 2019

Coffee review: Free bag of Rise coffee offered from Taste of Home

I was reading through my Taste of Home magazine and saw an advertisement for a free bag of Rise coffee. I immediately grabbed my phone and visited the website.

I had to pay $1.95 shipping on the bag of ground coffee, but felt it was worth it. You can't buy a bag of coffee for less than $2!

The only thing I didn't like was that I was under the impression I was entering in my info to simply receive a free bag of coffee to try, when I was also being added to roast subscription. After receiving a welcome email, I responded right away explaining that I thought I was simply signing up to try a bag of coffee and the immediately removed me from the subscription. Taste of Home has fantastic customer service.

Now, to the fun review of the coffee itself.

The coffee smelled fresh upon opening the bag. I did notice it was not a resealable bag, so I closed it with a clip figuring it won't take me long to drink it anyway.

I made it the same was I do my coffee every morning, using the same amount of coffee to water ratio. It smelled great while brewing!

I added a touch of cinnamon to the grounds prior to brewing as well.

The rich aroma was delightful as I poured my first cup. I added a touch of non-dairy creamer and took a sip. Now, we all know the first sip of coffee in the morning is like heaven... this cup was no different. It had a smooth taste and no bitter aftertaste.

I would definitely buy a bag for full price.

Thank you, Taste of Home for my sample! You can click here for yours: Taste of Home Rise coffee sample

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Friday, June 21, 2019

No Bake Italian cream dessert recipe

Perfect for hot summer months, this no-bake Italian cream dessert also makes a tasty Holiday treat!

We love the flavor of gingersnap cookies, so I chose them for this recipe. You can use any flavor cookie you enjoy.

No-Bake Italian Cream Dessert – with a twist
  • 1 14-oz. can sweetened condensed milk
  • 1/4 cup lemon juice
  • ½ can crushed pineapple, un-drained (1/2 of a 20 ounce can)
  • Gingersnap cookies
  • 1 pack Dream Whip, prepared (you can also use 1 container of Cool Whip)
  • 1 cup sweetened, flaked coconut
  • 1 can of cherry pie filling, only use what you need and save the remainder

Mix sweetened condensed milk and lemon juice in a bowl until thoroughly combined.
Mix in pineapple with juice and set aside.
Line the bottom of an 8x8 baking dish with cookies.
Pour the pineapple mixture over cookies.
Add another layer of cookies on top of pineapple mixture.
Spread prepared Dream Whip on top of cookies.
Sprinkle with coconut.

Top with cherries then cover and refrigerate for 4 hours before serving.

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Saturday, June 15, 2019

Food Network: Interesting facts

Are you a fan of the Food Network channel or website? Check out this list of interesting facts about the Food Network and its contributors:
  • The Food Network idea started in 1992.
  • On November 23, 1993 the Food Network first aired on TV.
  • Getting healthy was one of the first shows on the channel. It was a talk show about food and guess what? They had no kitchen!
  • How to Boil Water aired in 1994.
  • In 1996 Essence of Emeril aired and was the first actual cooking show on the network. Bam!, Emeril's signature phrase was actually created to keep the crew members awake.
  • Remember Sarah Moulton? Callers would call and ask her questions live and sometimes she did not know the answers, how awkward.
  • Chef de Jour was a show that first featured chef Bobby Flay. In the show he had dark hair!
  • Mario Batalli, Bobby Flay and Tyler Florence are originals to the Food Network.
  • Iron Chef Japan debuted in July of 1999 and was an immediate hit.
  • In 2001, viewers wrote in and asked for simple recipes with easy to find ingredients.
  • Rachael Ray came along and thought she did not fit in because she did not have formal culinary training. Her show was the first to feature a cook with no culinary training and debuted in 2001 with 30 Minute Meals.
  • Paula Deen made her first appearance on: Ready Set Cook. In 2002, Paula's Home Cooking debuted.
  • Ina Garten, a cookbook author came along in 2002.
  • In 2003 Giada de Laurentis debuted in her show, Every Day Italian.
  • Next came: Semi Homemade Cooking with Sandra Lee. Her studio is now in Chelsea market above privately owned stores that sell foods of all kinds.
  • Competition programs were generated to attract male viewers and Iron Chef America debuted in 2005. Chef Bobby Flay says: “It's exhausting.” Cat Cora was the first woman on Iron Chef America. is the #1 food website on the Internet to this day.

Tip: If you subscribe to cable or satellite and the Food Network channel is included in your package, my advice is to download the Food Network app to your smart TV or Amazon Fire TV Stick. They have just about every show on there for you to view at any time! It is my go to app. 

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Bite Club: Extract review

I recently tried three of Bite Club's extract flavors. First of all, when I opened up the bottle, the first thing I smelled was the flavor, not the alcohol as with most other extracts you can buy.

I tried the cinnamon, chocolate and vanilla bourbon flavors. The bottles come with a dropper for precise distribution and in my humble opinion, this is a brilliant idea! You can drop the extract directly into your recipe or into a measuring spoon with absolutely no spillage. Genius.

The bottles are VERY reasonably priced, starting at $6 each. Simple, Pure, Powerful is their tag line and nothing could have been a more accurate description of their products!

In addition to extracts, they make and sell jerky! They even offer a vegan jerky, which I think is another brilliant idea on their part.

Want to treat mans best friend? Bite Club has you and your pal covered. Check out Bite Club pet treats... treats for pup or kitty.

I chose to drop my extracts into my morning coffee. Those who know me for 5 minutes know how much I adore my coffee. After opening the extract bottles and smelling the flavor and not the alcohol, I decided this would be the ideal test of flavors. I am happy with my choice! Each one added a hint of flavor to my morning brew. I may have started something new. I never thought to try this with other extracts because of the harsh alcohol odor upon opening.

Next, I will use in my baked goods and icings. Since they passed the coffee test with flying flavors (like how I did that right there?), my baked goods are next on the list!

You can find Bite Club here:

You will always find them at: Biteclubnoms on Social Media

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Monday, June 3, 2019

Pinterest tutorial: How to set a pin as wallpaper on your mobile device

I absolutely love Pinterest...have for years! It is definitely more of an internet browser than a social media site, but it serves as both.

I created a new YouTube video today that explains how to set a photo from a pin as your wallpaper. Please take a look at the is short, only a minute and change.

If you are interested in other tutorials from Pinterest tips to baking, please navigate around my channel: The Fiery Whisk & Ideal Exposure: Tutorials

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Sunday, June 2, 2019

Capri Flavors Italian Market: Shop online or at the new location in Cary, NC

This Saturday I visited Capri Flavors at their new Cary location. The store was easy to find and only required a couple of turns. I live about 35 minutes from the store, and it is worth my travels!

Capri flavors (click here to go to the website) is located at: 867 Bass Pro Lane In Cary NC. The store is clean, organized, well stocked and quaint. I found the garlic paste and sun-dried tomato paste I was looking for as well as the Taralli. Who am I kidding, I went for the Tatalli's! In NJ, I could find these at any grocery store. Here in NC, not so much. I am forever in debt to Capri Flavors for their large supply.

Never heard of a Taralli before? You can order them from Capri Flavors online store! Click here to take a look.

Enjoy the pictures of the outside and inside of the store...if you are too far for a visit, you can visit online.

If you are looking for Italian recipes, they have those on their website too! Recipes

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Sunday, May 26, 2019

Spinach, egg and cheese pie recipe

Check out my rustic crust...

I have been making this recipe for years! It is super easy and crowd pleasing. I make it for breakfast or brunch. It is a savory treat that is perfect served along side of something cinnamon rolls! 

You can make your own pie crust, which is super easy if you follow one of my two favorite recipes. Or, you can buy pre-made crusts that you unroll and bake! 

Spinach, Egg and Cheese Pie Recipe
  • 1 pie crust
  • 5 eggs
  • 1 cup shredded cheddar cheese
  • 1/4 can of spinach, drained
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 1/2 tsp pepper
  • 1/2 tsp parsley
Preheat oven to 350*.
Spray glass pie dish with cooking spray.
Roll crust onto prepared dish.
Set aside.
In a large bowl, combine eggs, cheese, spinach and spices.
With a fork, mix (scramble) well.
Pour into crust.
Bake for 25 to 30 minutes.

Pie is baked when egg mixture goes from shiny to matte and crust is golden brown.
Keep an eye on it from the 20 minute mark as ovens to vary.

Makes 1 pie.

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